State Department: ´Deal of the Century´" deepened hate speech and racism in Israeli election race

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants said that the statements and positions of the competing Israeli officials in the current round of elections reflected, in a more clear and focused manner than the previous two rounds, the extent of hatred, hatred and racism towards the Palestinian people and their rights.

She affirmed in a statement issued today, Sunday, that the American "deal of the century" provided an atmosphere of hostility and incitement against the Palestinians, which led them to race to win the support of the Israeli voter by adopting all that is in the interest of Israel from the provisions included in the American plan, and the belief has become the dominant belief among most parties. The Israeli and its competing leaderships said that increasing the hostility towards the Palestinians and striking out their rights doubles their chances of winning votes and electoral seats, meaning that the race for the votes of the Israeli voter is translated into a race to release hate and racist statements.

The electoral speech of the majority of the Israeli parties missed any statements or stances calling for peace with the Palestinians. Rather, this speech dominated attempts to jump on the Palestinian side and marginalize its existence and search for fictitious solutions bypassing it, and more than that came loaded with categorical calls and promises to deepen the oppression of the occupied Palestinian land Dedicating the occupation, deepening the settlements, and many unilateral measures and measures that will resolve the future of final status negotiations negotiating with the occupying power and under the American umbrella, or providing what guarantees Israel a safe management of the conflict that gives it more time to complete. For creeping annexation of Palestinian land operations and the imposition of Israeli law on them, which found practical translations in dozens of resolutions adopted by Netanyahu to build thousands of new settlement units, the current escalation in attacks and crimes of armed militias settlers against Palestinian civilians and their land and their property and their holy places and their crops on

The ministry said: "The observer of the huge number of hateful statements issued by the Israeli competitors notes the extent of the spread of racism and the culture of occupation and settlement without any limits and legal and moral controls for the size of this hatred, and without any deterrent to it from any responsible party that prevents those positions from being translated into programs Operation and attacks hostile to the Palestinian people, adopted by the settlers and extremists, which indicates that the regime that governs the occupying state is a system of hatred, hatred, fascism and racism par excellence, and reaffirms the absence of a true peace partner in Israel.

"From here, the strategic importance of the peace initiative put forward by President Mahmoud Abbas calling for serious and effective international action to achieve peace, which commits the Israeli side, regardless of who is in charge of governance in Israel, to submit to the will of peace and its international references, is held by holding an international conference for peace that gives rise to a reference Multilateral international supervision of direct negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.


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