Abu Hasna: UNRWA faces an unprecedented financial deficit

UNRWA's media advisor, Adnan Abu Hasna, announced today, Thursday, that the agency "faces a financial deficit unprecedented in its history" that threatens its humanitarian programs within two months.

Abu Hasna said: The agency faces an unprecedented financial crisis for decades that may affect its programs and operations in various regions if it does not provide the necessary support.

He explained that the Agency had received only $ 125 million out of a billion and $ 400 million requested to cover its budget for this year, while no funding had been received for the emergency program in Gaza and the West Bank.

He stated that UNRWA had to borrow from the general programs budget to cover the emergency expenses, while the emergency program funds for the Palestinian refugees in Syria would be implemented next June.

He said, "UNRWA decided to slow down its expenses, and this means in practice to keep some jobs empty and not to adhere to the increases in the absence of funding, which would create tensions with workers and refugees."

He added that "the lack of funding until next May means conclusively that the programs and services will be affected, and that the Agency is currently preparing an alternative plan in the event of reaching that stage in light of the large financial deficit."

The UNRWA media advisor warned that what is happening with the agency and its funding "is unprecedented and dangerous and would negatively affect the stability of the region, as it provides services to more than 5.6 million Palestinian refugees."

UNRWA faces severe financial pressure for considerations that are political, especially after the United States of America stopped all aid to the IAEA since the beginning of last year, knowing that Washington was the largest donor to the IAEA.


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