Occupation arrests 14 citizens, including freed prisoners

At dawn on Thursday, Israeli occupation forces raided several areas and villages across the West Bank, arresting 14 citizens and injuring a young man in Qalqilya.

Our correspondent reported that the occupying forces stormed several areas in qalqilya city, including the area of Ghiaza neighborhood, Kafr Saba and the western area in Shreim neighborhood, the wadi area south of the city and Daoud neighborhood, and there were clashes that resulted in a young man being wounded by a metal bullet and taken to Darwish Nazzal Hospital for treatment and his condition. Medium.

Rami Youssef Sneina, 35, who suffered a broken pelvis while using a wheelchair, Mohammed Amin Shaath, 28, and Ali al-Badawi, 25, were arrested by Israeli forces after they raided and searched their relatives' homes.

The forces also raided the town of Qarawa Bani Hassan in Salfit province and arrested the freed prisoner Osman Assi.
In Ramallah, forces arrested Mohammed Abu Khalil after he was severely beaten in the Ain Misbah neighbourhood.

In Jenin, the Al-Assir Club reported that the occupying forces arrested the freed prisoner Omar Fadl Gideon, Hussein Rajeh Bali from Jenin camp, and Mohammed Ahmed Abed from Kafr Dan, after they raided and searched their homes.

In the south of the West Bank, the liberator Shaher al-Hayh from The Town of Surif, Hebron, and 17-year-old Nazir Qafisha, from The Abu Sneineh neighborhood in the southern part of the city, were arrested by forces.

The Israeli occupation forces also raided the town of Beit Awa, southwest of Hebron, and searched the house of Mahmoud Yasser al-Salama and tampered with its contents.

From the town of Al-Obaidiya, east of Bethlehem, Saqr Jawad Rabaia was arrested, and several security communications were handed over to editors in the town of Al-Obaidiya, Bethlehem district, including the son of Hajj Jamal Salman Shanaita.

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