21 civilians from the West Bank were arrested, including a young boy and a martyr´s father

The occupation forces arrested 21 citizens of the West Bank, including a young boy, and the father of a martyr, last Wednesday morning.

The Al-Asir Club said that ten citizens were arrested from the towns of Hazma and Ram in the Jerusalem district, including former prisoners and boys. They were: Ahmed Wahid Al-Khatib (21 years), Issa Odeh Al-Khatib (50 years), Muhammad Fawzi Al-Khatib (25 years), and his brother, the boy Ahmed, and Mahmoud Hussein Al-Khatib (18 years old), Fadi Hamed al-Khatib (15 years old), Rami Muhammad Fayez Subaih, and Muhammad Rushdi Salah al-Din (17 years old), in addition to a father and his son from the town of al-Ram, were released later: Saed Al-Hattawi and his son and Zuhair.

From the Jalazoun camp, and the two towns of Deir Abu Mishaal and Deir Nizam in Ramallah, the occupation arrested four citizens, including the father of a martyr, who are: Youssef Nazmi Ata, Omar Subhi Al-Far (24), Muhammad Abdel-Sattar Zahran (30), and Firas al-Tamimi, the father of the martyr Musab Al-Tamimi.

Meanwhile, two citizens from the town of Zita were collectively arrested, the Nablus district, namely: Jum'a Ramadan, Sufyan Hayek, and another boy from Askar camp, Laith Yahya Khalil Idris (17 years), and from Bethlehem, the occupation arrested Shadi Ali Al-Hassasneh (34 years).

Late yesterday evening, the occupation arrested the child Issam Muhammad Salim (13 years), from the town of Jayyus, Qalqilya District, and two other citizens from Khirbet Al-Hadidiya in the northern Jordan Valley, namely: Moaz and Sakhr Abdel-Rahim Bisharat.


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