Britain condemns Israel’s intention to build settlements in Jerusalem and calls for an immediate cessation

The British government condemned the decision of the Israeli government to go ahead with building 1077 housing units south of occupied Jerusalem, which came after announcing its intention to build 2,200 new units in Jerusalem.

The British government statement, issued today by British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs James Cleverley, confirmed that "the settlements undermine the viability of establishing a Palestinian state in the future with East Jerusalem as its capital."

The statement stressed that "the UK's position on Israeli settlements is clear that it is illegal under international law, and that continued settlement activity undermines efforts to start new peace negotiations." Israel also demanded the immediate cessation of settlement activities.

In turn, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the United Kingdom Hossam Zamelat welcomed Britain's assertion of its position on the illegality of settlements, adding that the positions not supported by practical steps are not enough, in light of Israel's accelerated actions on the ground and supported by the American administration aimed at killing the possibility of establishing a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital Eastern.

He called on the British government to impose sanctions on settlement and settler activities, noting the database published by the United Nations recently and which includes the names of companies operating illegally in Israeli settlements, including two British companies.

Zamalat added, "Britain is facing the test of adherence to international law and the application of its rules on the one hand, and the entitlement to recognize the state of Palestine before it is too late, on the other hand."


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