Dozens wounded in clashes with the occupation in the Jordan Valley

Dozens of youths were injured and suffocated today, Tuesday, in clashes with the Israeli army at a military checkpoint in the Aghwar area

The Red Crescent announced in a statement that its crews dealt with a live shot in the foot and two injuries with rubber bullets, in addition to other suffocation injuries, and stated that at least five injuries were transferred to the hospital for treatment, while the cases were dealt with in the field.

For his part, the official of Al-Aghwar file in the Tubas governorate of Moataz Bisharat said that the occupation army prevented about a thousand Palestinians from entering the valleys through the (Tayasir) military checkpoint and targeted them with bullets and gas canisters.

Bisharat stated that the Wall Resistance Authority and other organizations called for protest activities in the Ghour region today, rejecting the settlements and plans to annex the area.

He explained that the occupation army closed all the military checkpoints leading to the Jordan Valley to prevent the protest activities that fall within the campaign to "protect the Jordan Valley", to ensure that the Jordan Valley will remain on Palestinian land.

Officials condemned the placing of settlement groups by writing banners at the entrances of 33 towns and cities, indicating that they are Palestinian areas, according to the American "Deal of the Century".

"These are areas of the future Palestinian state, according to the deal of the century," read banners in red and in Arabic and Hebrew.

Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Executive Committee of the PLO, said, "This is indeed an attempt to impose a fait accompli in a blatant, rude and illegal manner to pass the deal of the century."

Ashrawi considered that Israel is trying in coordination with the American administration to "impose a determination on the future of the Palestinians and define the borders of their state individually, despite the global rejection of the deal of the century", stressing that the Palestinians will not recognize all these measures.

The placement of the signs coincided with the holding of the Israeli-American committee to discuss annexing parts of the West Bank to Israeli sovereignty, its first meeting yesterday, amid Palestinian refusal and condemnation.

The meeting, which was held in (Ariel) settlement near Salfit, according to Israeli public radio, included the Israeli side, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the American side, the ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

"The demarcation of the borders is an introduction to the annexation of Israeli settlements," Netanyahu told reporters, according to the radio.

On the other hand, the Palestinians affirmed their rejection of any American recognition of Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank in implementation of the "Deal of the Century".


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