Former Malaysian prime minister appearing before court on corruption charges

Malaysia _ Agencies

Former Malaysian prime Minister Najib Abdel Razak is to be brought before a court in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday to face new charges of wasting money on a government investment fund, a day after the authorities re-arrested him.

The Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission said on Wednesday that the former prime minister had been arrested to face charges that he had deposited 2.6 billion ringgit (628 million dollars) into his private bank account.

Najib, who had pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him, had already suffered charges involving abuse of power.

In August, Najib pleaded not guilty to money-laundering charges directed at him in connection with the State Development Fund. He said earlier that the money transferred was a donation from a Saudi emir.

The sovereign fund has been the subject of extensive international investigations by at least six countries, including Singapore, the United States and Switzerland.

Najib served as Malaysian prime minister from 2009 to May this year.

Prosecutors in the United States accuse Najib, 65, of embezzling a total of about 4.5 billion dollars from the fund.

After his arrest in July, a court in Kuala Lumpur agreed to release him on bail of one million ringgit.


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