Netanyahu threatens the leaders of jihad and war, one last option

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, Monday, that the leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement know that Israel is able to eliminate them and eliminate them completely.

This came in his comment on the Islamic Jihad launching dozens of rockets, adding, "When they attack us, we are able to eliminate them."

He ruled, during an interview with the Hebrew "Jerusalem Radio", that a major military confrontation would take place immediately, but added, "War is the last option for Israel, in case there is no escape from that."

Hamas and Islamic Jihad vowed difficult surprises, and that the occupation army is ready for all scenarios, including a major military operation.

"Either we hit them countlessly in order to avoid attacks against us, or we need a massive campaign, but I do not rush to war, but there may be no choice, and when I do that I know that I have exhausted all other possibilities," he said.

He claimed that the last decade is the best for Israel in terms of security, saying, "It runs a successful security policy, and this reduces the number of victims and injuries for the first time since 1948."

For his part, Yisrael Katz, a cabinet member and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the occupation, said that he does not rule out the implementation of a military operation in Gaza, even at the expense of postponing the elections.

Meanwhile, Minister Eli Cohen said that whoever gave orders to launch the rockets would pay the price for his life, noting that the military campaign would be at a time that Israel decides.

While Avi Dichter, Deputy Minister of the Occupation Army, stated that the situation in Gaza will not change unless Israel launches a major strategic process like the protective wall in the West Bank, pointing out that such a strategic move needs to be more prepared.

He believed that Israel currently has no interest in carrying out a major operation in Gaza.

For his part, member of the cabinet, Yuval Steinitz, said that the process of recovering the Palestinian body yesterday cost Israel unnecessary damage and could have been avoided. Calling for an investigation of what happened.


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