Huawei announces the acquisition of 91 of the fifth generation commercial contracts

“Chinese technology giant Huawei” has announced that it has so far obtained 91 contracts for the fifth generation commercial contracts and shipped more than 60 thousand huge Memo antenna units belonging to the fifth generation.

Ryan Ding, CEO and Chairman of Huawei's Carrier BG (Business Group), announced new fifth generation products and solutions, and launched the 5G Partner Innovation Program at the launch of the company's products and solutions in London.

As a leading global provider of 5G technologies, Huawei is committed to developing the best integrated 5G solutions, which will include the industry's best fifth-generation earth stations in support of all scenarios as well as Blade AAU antenna units with the highest level of integration, as reported Huawei.

In addition to products, Huawei plans to invest $ 20 million in innovative 5G applications over the next five years through the 5G Partner Innovation Program, with the goal of contributing to the creation of a thriving ecosystem for 5G technologies and accelerating the commercial success of 5G.


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