Electronic games are growing in China

Mobile games are experiencing millions of downloads and an increase in the number of active users, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus in China.

Data from the CNG Research Institute showed that mobile phone sales revenue in January increased 49.5 percent year on year, up 37.5 percent from the previous month.

Wang Xiu, a senior analyst with the aforementioned institute, said the game sector had maintained its growth momentum after a boom in 2019, adding that players stuck in self-quarantine conditions in homes helped stimulate the market.

Among the top 10 games during the Spring Festival holiday, game giants Tencent and Netease captured eight games, followed by Ali Baba and Mihueyu, a team based in Shanghai.

The game "Honor of Kings" from Tencent dominated the sector, recording an annual increase of 44.6% in the accumulated flow during the one-week break period, according to the CNG report.

The institute said that regular puzzle games are becoming more popular among all mobile phone games, with integrated video ads playing an important role.

The "Xiaodi Dodicho" poker, which first appeared on January 11 this year, topped the list of free Chinese games in the Apple App Store shortly before the Spring Festival, with more than a million active users per day, with advertising revenue of 1.5 million Yuan (about 214,000 USD) every day.

Informal puzzle games also have huge potential as related companies have pioneered new ways to attract more consumers, according to Wang.


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