Toyota develops a new battery for hybrid cars

Toyota Motor Corp., the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan and Toyota Industries for machinery and auto components, announced their intention to discuss plans for specific car models and battery specifications for electric cars before adding batteries that Toyota Industries upgrades it to Toyota Motor Hybrid cars.

Bloomberg News indicated that Toyota Industries will produce the new batteries at its Kiwa plant and at the new plant near the Higashiura plant and the two in Japan's Aichi Prefecture.

Toyota Motor had introduced the world's first hybrid vehicle with two engines, one working on conventional fuel and the other powered by electricity in the world, when it unveiled the Prius car model in 1997 to start production and marketing in 2001 as it is currently sold in more than 40 countries and regions in the world.

The Prius Hybrid contains a lithium ion battery pack to store electrical energy generated during the work of the conventional engine for later use to power the electric motor when the car is converted to electric motor to save fuel and reduce the vehicle's harmful environmental impact.


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