A Google manager is arrested after his wife´s body was found in Hawaii

 Hawaii Island Police arrested a director of Google Inc. on charges of premeditated murder, after they found the body of his wife, who was killed.

Police have accused the Google administrator of second-degree murder, after his wife's body was found in Anayhumalo Bay, south of Kohala.

An autopsy is now being done to determine the cause of death, according to the official police pages on social media.

The employee had previously called in to the police to search for his wife, claiming that he had not found her at home.

The man told the police that he had not found his wife upon returning to the hotel room where they were staying during their vacation.

He added that he rushed to the hotel to check if she had returned to the room before calling 911.

Hawaiian police announced a high alert for missing persons around 1:30 am the next day, and they discovered her body only six hours later, and then arrested the man after doubts over his murder and announced her disappearance to dispel suspicions.

The couple have lived for 17 years and have two children, the first 13 and the second 8 years.

Sonam Saxena, a Google product manager, is on vacation with his wife, local media reported.

The same sources mentioned that he used social media to appeal to the island's residents to help him find his wife.

"Can you promote this tweet so that I can tell my daughters where their mother is," he wrote in his tweet.

Source: Al-Hurra


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