5 golden rules for losing weight if you are over 40

Your reaching the age of 40 carries many benefits, including gaining more wisdom, increasing self-awareness as well as self-confidence, but reducing weight is a big challenge.

But with the following five tips, provided by a dietitian, by Cynthia Sass, according to Health, you may pay off:

1) Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are considered the fuel of the body, and cutting off its supply is essentially depriving it of important nutrients, and quitting carbohydrates completely may result in side effects that you do not want to be exposed to, such as constipation and feeling stressed.

But after the age of 40, the body's daily requirements for carbohydrates may decrease, but as they continue to be beneficial, the best way to deal with them is to improve the quality of what is eaten from them (such as pumping nuts on processed bread), and think of them as a smaller addition to the meal, rather than being It is the main course.

2) Lots of vegetables

It is recommended that all your meals are not devoid of vegetables, and it is recommended to eat a full cup of non-starchy vegetables in breakfast, and at least two glasses in every food and dinner, and this will provide the body with valuable nutrients, protect against diseases, increase the feeling of fullness, and will also help to regulate sugar levels In the blood and insulin, as well as ease of digestion, and finally of course to maintain weight.

"Most women over 40 years of age overestimate their vegetables, and according to the CDC, only 9% of adults eat the recommended minimum, which is eating two to three cups of vegetables per day," says Dr. Cynthia Sas. ".

It is possible to eat vegetables daily in different forms, between squeezing a handful of them and then drinking them, or adding them to eggs, or eating them as they are, such as slices of cucumber or red pepper, as an alternative to sandwiches or wrapping at lunch, and it is also possible to grill vegetables at dinner in large quantities, And make it the largest ingredients of the meal.

3) Alcohol

Doctor Cynthia Sass confirms that many of her patients, over the age of 40, see a movement in the scale only after they get a truce from drinking alcohol.

If you are a alcoholic, stick to a specific drinking strategy, such as gradually reducing your consumption, stopping it until the weekend, or curbing your daily intake to a maximum of one time.

4) Do not follow a diet

Diet foods are highly processed products made from synthetic chemicals, designed to be low in calories, carbohydrates, sugar or fat, and they spoil your appetite, cause inflammation, and change healthy bacteria in your intestines related to weight management, says Dr. Cynthia Sass.

Research also showed that changing from processed foods to foods that are full of nutrients increases the calorie burning, which means that eating real food may help you lose weight even without reducing calorie consumption, and here comes the role of many alternative meals for a low-calorie meal , Like delicious lentil soup and avocado salad, or apple slices dipped in almond butter, or a few pieces of high-quality dark chocolate.

And the doctor "SAS" stresses that losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way is not related to diet, and that continuing to deny the body the intake of important elements leads in the end to the opposite results.

In the end, you advise those over the age of 40, not to reduce eating or excessive eating, focusing on the type of food they eat and not limiting themselves. It may seem boring to you, not a quick solution, but you will feel better both physically and emotionally. .

5) Pamper yourself with dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has many benefits, as eating it daily as a remedy to curb cravings for sweet and salty foods, as it helps to reduce stress, as well as one of the studies, showed that eating about half an ounce of dark chocolate per day for two weeks, reduces hormone levels Stress.

Five squares of 70% dark chocolate contain less than 250 calories, yet they provide antioxidants, fibers and magnesium, a mineral associated with relaxation, better sleep and an enhanced mood, so treat yourself to dark chocolate as part of your daily ritual.


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