A stand in front of UNRWA headquarters in Gaza in rejection of the deal of the century

On Thursday, a public vigil was held in front of UNRWA headquarters to express Palestinian rejection of the U.S. plan called the "Deal of the Century."

The participants in the vigil, called by the Department for Refugee Affairs, carried banners affirming the right of return of refugees, their adherence to their established rights and their rejection of all initiatives and plans aimed at resolving the refugee issue.

The vigil was called "Witnesses to the Nakba", where a number of elderly Palestinians who lived in the Nakba participated in 1948. A tent was erected to mimic the ancient Palestinian heritage, expressing the participants' attachment to their land, heritage and history.

Representatives of Palestinian factions and popular committees delivered speeches during which they stressed the need to continue to address the deal of the century until it was failed, that the Palestinians were holding on to their rights, their land and the return of refugees, the rejection of settlement and the alternative homeland, and all plans and attempts to settle the issue.

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