Netanyahu´s trial begins on the seventeenth of next month

The Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem decided on Tuesday evening that the trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will start on the seventeenth of next March.

The first session will be dedicated to reading the indictment of the accused, and Netanyahu must attend. According to the Maariv newspaper website.

He accuses Netanyahu of various corruption cases in three files, as his trial is likely to continue for more than two years.

Netanyahu has sought in the recent period to postpone the trial until after the elections and the formation of the new Israeli government.

Netanyahu's opponents are demanding his resignation from the government. His Likud and far-right parties defend him and stick to him as prime minister in the next government.

And Judicial Adviser to the Israeli government Avichai Mandelblit refused to provide a legal opinion on Netanyahu's legal validity from running for the elections scheduled for the second of next month, under the indictment.


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