"State Department": "Deal of the Century" feeds settler terror

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the aggression of the barbaric armed terrorist settler militia against Palestinian citizens in the town of Al-Mughayer, northeast of Ramallah, and the injury of a number of sheep herders with fractures and bruises ranging from slight to medium, to protect the occupation army.

The ministry asserted in a statement today, Tuesday, that the occupying state and the ruling right in it and its settlers are taking advantage of the ugliest exploitation of the "deal of the century" and the climates they have created, to implement the largest possible number of their expansionist colonial plans, in the forefront of which are the ongoing preparations to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, and in this The framework The escalation of extremist settler organizations, their attacks on Palestinian citizens along the length and breadth of the occupied West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem and its surroundings, are considered as an advanced link in the series of implementation of the "deal of the century" items on the ground and with the occupying power based on the ground.

The Ministry held the Trump administration and the Netanyahu government responsible for the attacks of the occupation forces and settlers against Palestinian citizens, their lands, their sanctities, their property and their crops.

The Ministry called on all countries to put the elements of Jewish terrorism on the lists of terrorism, and prevent them from entering their territories. The Ministry affirmed that it is continuing its move with the International Criminal Court to open an official investigation into the crimes of the occupation and its settlers, in order to hold the Israeli war criminals accountable, whether they are political, military, or settlers.

The Ministry reminded that the Al-Mughayer town is constantly exposed to the attacks of the elements of Jewish terrorism, as part of an expansionist colonial plan, aimed at stealing and swallowing more of the town’s lands and the neighboring villages in favor of expanding a number of settlement outposts besieging them from all directions, in particular to devote the occupation and settlement control over a chain The strategic mountains that lie in that area and overlook the valleys, leading to the construction of a huge settlement street that connects the settlement blocs that are located in the middle of the West Bank with the Jordan Valley.


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