Israeli efforts to deduct NIS 1.7 billion in Palestinian Authority money for the families of the Israeli dead

The Ma’ariv Hebrew newspaper revealed today, Monday, efforts made by the "Israeli Judicial Ministry" to implement a judicial order to deduct 1.7 billion shekels from the funds of the Palestinian Authority, for the benefit of the families of the dead Israelis who died as a result of 15 A bombing operation took place during the second intifada.

According to the newspaper, the judicial decision issued by the Jerusalem District Court held the Palestinian Authority responsible for those attacks carried out by militants active in Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The newspaper pointed out that there are efforts to deduct these funds from tax revenues or money that the Authority pays for the families of the perpetrators of these operations, as well as for those who were behind them from the Palestinian factions who were captured later.


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