Israeli attempts to prevent an investigation of an officer who injured a child in Al-Issawiya

A report of the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz revealed today, Monday, that Israeli attempts to try to prevent the opening of an investigation with the occupation police officer who wounded in the village of Al-Issawiya, east of Jerusalem, the child Malik Issa (9 years old) with a rubber bullet in the same eye , You may cause blindness in it.

According to the report, the investigation police have not yet officially decided to open an investigation against the officer. Noting that she clarifies what happened through some testimonies.

The accused officer claimed that the juvenile preceded a stone throw, that he had fired but hit a stone wall where he was throwing stones, and that the child may have been hit by a stone he threw. According to his claim.

The officer’s account is in contravention of what was reported by the Israeli police, which confirmed that the boy had been shot.

The newspaper report indicates that the health of the child Issa is still difficult, and he remains in the central care unit in Hadassah Ain Karem Hospital.

Members of his family said that the doctors confirmed that he was likely to lose sight in one eye and that there might be danger to the other eye. And he may suffer from brain damage.

Yesterday, the child's uncle, filed a complaint with the Israeli police, and its investigators arrived at the hospital, collected testimonies from family members and obtained medical documents. Where more than one eyewitness from the area denied that there were no confrontations or stone-throwing, and that the child was returning from his school alongside his sisters and cousin, and there was a gathering of people because of the police attempt to arrest a Palestinian, and suddenly the child fell 50 meters from the place, There were no confrontations, and he was immediately transferred to the hospital amid a state of tension in the village at the time, which prompted the police to withdraw.


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