The Secretary-General of the United Nations calls for greater efforts to combat climate change

 United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Goetrich said here Sunday that climate change is the most serious and urgent problem facing global stability and prosperity, and that greater joint efforts are made by every country and every society. In the world it is necessary to face this crisis.

During a private interview on sustainable development and climate change, Goetrich said that climate turmoil is a clear global threat, and among these risks are locust attacks on Pakistan and other countries, saying, "Global warming leads to the world being attacked by insects."

"The world is burning, but many policymakers continue to waste time," Guterres said, adding that the global momentum to deal with the climate crisis has unfortunately been stalled since the conclusion of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

"It is something I am convinced that we can tackle it, only if we have the political will and unity we need to make a difference," Goetrich added, adding that governments, during the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, should introduce the fundamental change that the world and its people need, with much greater enthusiasm.

In addition to environmental protection, Goetrich also urged the world to reinforce the measures necessary to achieve the sustainable development goals, which include all aspects of human progress that includes health care, gender equality and poverty alleviation.

Goetrich also praised Pakistani measures in health care, poverty alleviation and environmental protection, but said that, whether in Pakistan or elsewhere, the pace of change is still going at an insufficient speed.


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