An international silence regarding the suffering of the prisoners in the occupation prisons

 The Martyrs, Prisoners and Injured Commission of the Supreme Leading Authority of the Fatah Movement in the Gaza Strip, condemned what it described as the silence of the World Health Organization and all international and humanitarian organizations regarding what the prisoners are exposed to in the prisons of the occupation, especially the elderly prisoner Mowaffaq Orouq .

The elderly prisoner Muwaffaq Nayef Hassan 'Uruq (77 years), from within the territories of 1948, who has been detained since 2003, and who has been imprisoned for 30 years, suffers from a dangerous health condition due to cancer in the liver and stomach.

The spokesperson for the UNHCR, Nashat Al-Wahidi, said in a press statement on Saturday morning, that the prisoner Muwaffaq 'Uruq suffers from a critical health condition, as he was transferred several times to the Israeli Barzilai Hospital, due to his cancer and in need of urgent medical care, but the prison administration provides him only with solutions and analgesics .

Al-Wahidi, a Fatah representative in the Prisoners Committee of the National and Islamic Forces, warned of the seriousness of the health condition of the prisoner Muwaffaq Uruk, stressing that the circle of expressions of concern in which the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and all international organizations do not protect Prisoners from death in the prisons of the occupation, and do not depart from the data to raise the lintel, citing the historical and humanitarian role of international organizations in providing protection for the prisoners and putting pressure on the Israeli occupation.

The spokesperson for the Martyrs and Prisoners Commission, Fatah, added that the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross and humanitarian organizations has fallen short of the suffering and pain of the prisoners as a result of the practices of the Israeli occupation.

He called on the international and humanitarian community to save the prisoner Mowaffaq Orouk and all the prisoners from the grip of death that besieges them in the prisons of the Israeli occupation before it is too late and the number of martyrs of the Palestinian national movement to rise to the number 223, stressing that the prisoners will not be numbers or pictures in the agendas and policies of those who sit on the chairs defending the rights of The human.

And the Prisoners ’Authority stated in a previous statement that the prisoner 'veins underwent surgery earlier this month to remove the stomach and a cancerous tumor in the intestine, after exhausting his chemical treatment, and his health condition is critical.


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