China stresses more efforts to resume work and ensure supplies

 (Xinhua) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has stressed that more efforts are to be made to resume work and ensure the supply of medical and daily needs amid the nation's all-out battle against the new Corona virus.

The Premier made these remarks at the executive meeting of the State Council.

A statement released after the meeting said that governments and departments at all levels have succeeded in taking strong action in preventing and controlling the disease, while supporting smoothly the resumption of work and production of companies and increasing basic medical supplies quickly and ensuring ample supplies for daily needs in general.

The decisions taken at the meeting emphasized the companies resuming work and production based on local conditions. With regard to the major medical necessities companies, efforts should be made to help them achieve their production capacity as quickly as possible and to address their problems with regard to equipment, manpower, finance and raw materials.

The meeting also called for ensuring the orderly return of migrant workers to their jobs.

To overcome the difficulties for private and small companies and companies, in particular, while the virus is present, China will set up support mechanisms and implement favorable measures, including reducing loan interest rates and improving tax reduction policies.

The statement pointed out that more needs to be done to ensure the supply of daily necessities as well as energy, while the start-up of major projects should be started at full speed.

The meeting also highlighted efforts to prevent large-scale layoffs, and encourage local authorities to take comprehensive measures to support employers and ensure stable labor market.

The statement stressed that policies must be implemented and implemented in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the economy and the life of society.


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