Human Rights Institutions: The Century Deal is a Coup against International Law

10 human rights organizations in the Gaza Strip confirmed today, Wednesday, that the deal of the century constitutes a coup against international law, and that it aims to liquidate the Palestinian rights approved by the United Nations.

This came during a stand organized in front of the United Nations High Commissioner headquarters in West Gaza.

"This deal ignores all UN resolutions related to the Palestinian cause and the principles of international law and constitutes a coup against the foundations upon which the international community has settled in dealing with the Palestinian issue," Palestinian Salah al-Ati, a Palestinian human rights lawyer, said in a speech on behalf of those institutions.

He pointed out that it fully adopted the Israeli narrative that seeks to stabilize the field variables that it has carried out during the years of its occupation of the Palestinian territories since 67, and that it is considered a reality for the Palestinians to accept.

He said, "This initiative does not constitute any political project, in accordance with international law and the principles governing the relations of countries with each other, including countries that seek independence and liberation from occupation, self-determination of themselves and the enjoyment of their full political and sovereign rights."

He added, "It also does not indicate a serious desire to achieve a peace process in the Middle East ... Rather, it is an Israeli-American political plan that was found to strengthen the occupation and deprive the Palestinians of their legitimate rights to their fateful issues such as the right of return of refugees, Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Palestine, settlement issues and compensation for refugees."

He indicated that this plan prevents a real opportunity for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and that what came in the American plan empties the principles of international law from its content and removes the principles of accountability and accountability in the event of a breach.

He pointed out that it gives a reward to the occupying power for its behavior that violates all international norms and conventions related to the United Nations and the rules of international law, which makes the US administration a partner in these international legal violations. like he said.


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