During a press conference with Olmert President Abbas: We will not resort to violence and we want peace

President Mahmoud Abbas said that achieving peace cannot be achieved by annexation or subjugation, or by imposing the opinion of one of the parties on the other.

The President reaffirmed, during a joint press conference with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, in New York on Tuesday evening, his rejection of Trump's plan to deny the resolutions of international legitimacy and the two-state solution, stressing that it will not be the basis for any future negotiations.

He affirmed his readiness to complete the negotiations as they ended with Olmert, on the basis of international legitimacy decisions, and not on the basis of the US-Israeli annexation plan.

The President said: "We want a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, next to an Israeli state with West Jerusalem as its capital."

"Whatever the situation between us and the Israelis, we will not resort to violence, we believe in fighting terrorism, and we have 83 international agreements to fight it, and we express our positions through peaceful popular resistance," he added.

The President affirmed that his hands are extended to peace for men who want to achieve it, with international sponsorship and on the basis of international legitimacy decisions, and he said: "We do not want anything outside the international legitimacy."

In his turn, Olmert stressed in his speech that President Abbas is a man of peace and he is a true partner for him.


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