A demonstration in Gaza rejecting the century deal and support for President Abbas

Thousands of citizens demonstrated today, Tuesday, in the Gaza Strip, confirming the rejection of the American plan "Deal of the Century" and support and support for President Mahmoud Abbas ahead of his speech at the United Nations.

The participants raised the Palestinian flag, pictures of President Mahmoud Abbas, and slogans confirming their rejection of all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Many Palestinian factions leaders attended the demonstration, which was concentrated in the Square of the Unknown Soldier in the center of Gaza City.

Walid Al-Awad, speaking on behalf of the national and Islamic forces, in a speech to him, affirmed the Palestinians' adherence to their right to return the refugees to all of their occupied lands, and their rejection of all options for resettlement and the alternative homeland.

The member of the Political Bureau of the People's Party pointed out that all the factions expressed their rejection of the deal of the century, and that they are united in confronting them until they were dropped, pointing out that all the factions today stand united behind President Abbas in his expected speech rejecting this deal.

He stressed that the fate of the deal of the century will be a failure and that it will go to the “dustbin of history,” calling on the Palestinian people for more steps of national unity to confront these risks to the national cause.

He pointed out that the demonstration in Gaza coincides with the other in the Palestinian cities and diaspora to confirm that the entire Palestinian people are united by their rejection of the deal.


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