16 citizens were arrested and the money of the released prisoners was confiscated in Jerusalem

The occupation army arrested 16 citizens from different areas of the West Bank on Monday morning, while confiscating money from the homes of freed prisoners in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the occupation forces arrested Bara Hammad from Qalqilya, and he had spent three years in the occupation prisons, and the young man, Colonel Qashmar Nawfal, was arrested.

The occupation army arrested from the town of Beit Furik, Nablus district, the freed prisoner Sajid Mleitat, and Abd al-Latif Melhem (33 years), from Tulkarm refugee camp.

From Jenin, lawyer Hani Maher Sharaf from the town of Araba, southwest of the city, and the released prisoner, Ali Muhammad Kamil, were arrested.


The occupation forces raided the house of the freed prisoner Nawaf Al-Qaisi in Al-Azzeh camp, north of Bethlehem, and arrested his son, Ayman.

The occupation soldiers arrested three citizens from Hebron, who are: Jamal Al-Natah, Aid Hazem Al-Haimouni and Muhammad Kamel Salim Al-Sharrouf.

From Jerusalem, the occupation army arrested Salah Al-Razem from the Al-Saadiya neighborhood in the Old City, Muhammad Al-Razem (16 years), Akram Afaneh (16 years), Ibrahim Ghaith (16 years), in addition to Muntasir Abu Ghannam and Muhammad Abu Jumah.

Witnesses said that the occupation intelligence stormed the homes of prisoners released from Jerusalem and confiscated their money, as they stormed the house of the editor, Majdi Al Abbasi from the town of Silwan, and confiscated 25 thousand shekels.

In an interview with Al-Quds, Al-Abbasi said, "The occupation army stormed my house from three in the morning until six in the morning, where the contents of the house were vandalized and all its members were intimidated. The occupation confiscated all the money from the house, where they stole the children's piggy banks and took the money from the pocket of my father and my brother."

The intelligence services also stormed the house of the editor, Naji Odeh, and confiscated one thousand shekels. They also stole 790 shekels from the house of Basil Abu Tabah, both from Silwan, and from the village of Tire Baher, who seized a car belonging to the father of the freed prisoner, Ihab Bakirat. The intelligence services demanded the released prisoners to pay money to the occupation authority on the pretext of receiving it from the Palestinian Authority.

The occupation also seized bank accounts for prisoners released from Jerusalem, namely: Ehab Bakirat (60,200 shekels), Intisar Hamad (37,600 shekels), Muhammad Yusef Salman (12400), Nadia Salama Kastirwa (21,400 shekels), Aida Awda (17,000 shekels), and Basil Abu Tayeh (46,000 shekels), Majdi Al-Abbasi (19800 shekels), Nader Farrukh (18700 shekels) and Basima Jayyousi (37800 shekels).


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