Unique pillow relieves neck pain

 A Russian company recently reviewed a small pillow-like pillow that is used while traveling, which it has specifically developed to help people get rid of neck pain and problems.

The distinctive thing about this pillow is that it is made of durable and light materials, and it is equipped with an electrical system that helps to fill and discharge it quickly, making it easy to carry and suitable for travel or use in the car, office or any other place.

Designed to be an effective tool for fighting neck pain, this pillow has a special heating system to warm muscles and cervical vertebrae, and a small relaxing massage device.

The company also provided it with 5 different electronic systems that enable it to be used according to the need and make it suitable for different people. The internal battery of this pillow is rechargeable like phone batteries, and a single charge is enough for the massage device to work for 3 hours.

The weight of this pillow is only 700g, and its dimensions are inflated 10/30/31 cm, and its price is about $ 250.


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