Google makes new changes to its maps

Google announced the introduction of new and useful features to Goole Maps.

Among the most prominent features that have been introduced to this service is the "Explore" feature, through which users will be able to find information and pictures of places near them, which can be the focus of their interest such as restaurants, cinemas, etc.

The Commute service, which also entered Google Maps, helps the user to quickly and easily navigate to the places he usually visits, and displays information about the traffic situation and the best ways to reach it.

A new feature has also been introduced to this service called Saved, through which the user can view the places that other users have visited and document information about them on Goole Maps, so that the user of the application through this feature can better plan his trips and vacations and the places he wants to visit.

Google has also made available on its maps a new feature called Contribute or Contribute, enabling millions of people to obtain the latest developments and information related to road conditions, traffic jams or other useful data for others.

The Updates service will allow the user to view the latest recommendations provided by Goole Maps experts in the areas in which he is located, and to save these recommendations in the application.



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