Australia chooses pop singer Mountain to represent her in the Eurovision contest

 Australia has chosen a female singer and songwriter for Pop Mountain to be her actress to compete in the Eurovision contest after she won the national competition that was broadcast live across the country.

The 24-year-old Sydney-based artist won the Eurovision: Australia decision on Saturday night, beating nine other participants who were all competing to represent Australia in the International Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, next May.

Montaigne - her real name Jessica Cerro - posted on her Facebook page after the results were announced saying, "It's the craziest night ever - I'm going to Eurovision - Life is Crazy - Thank you for your support."

"Pop Art" was first discovered by Radio Triple J in Sydney in 2012.

Despite being a European competition, Australia has been competing in the Eurovision competition since 2015. Its inclusion was an appreciation of the country's large fan base - where more than three million Australians watched the Eurovision competition last year.


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