Netanyahu threatens Gaza and renews his stance on imposing sovereignty

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened, today, Sunday, to launch a wide-scale military campaign in the Gaza Strip, with continued security tensions and the firing of rocket-propelled grenades and explosive balloons.

"I will not separate everything in the media, but we are preparing to launch a campaign against terrorist organizations in Gaza," Netanyahu said at the start of his government's weekly session.

And on the American plan called "Deal of the Century", Netanyahu said about the debate among right-wing parties on the necessity of submitting a plan to establish sovereignty for the government to vote on it, saying, "This process will be pushed to the government when it is completed."

He noted that there is full coordination with the United States, and when that is done, it will be submitted to the government for approval. Pointing out that the US administration grants Israel the right to sovereignty and recognizes this, and this is the important thing today. like he said.

He expressed his hope that this will be achieved soon, noting that no step will be risked until the process is completely completed in coordination with the American administration.


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