A Knesset member accuses Netanyahu of strengthening Hamas and weakening the authority

 Ofer Shilah, a member of the Israeli Knesset for a blue-white party, accused, on Saturday, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister in Tel Aviv, of working to strengthen Hamas in Gaza despite continuing attacks against Israelis, while not It continues to weaken the Palestinian Authority.

Shelah said, as quoted by the Walla website, that Netanyahu, for more than 10 years, has been selling empty cover items to Gaza residents, and is making false promises for them in light of the attacks they are launching from Gaza to implement and support Hamas.

He added, "Instead of setting an aggressive reaction policy, in addition to the path of regional action that gives the people of Gaza a different life, Netanyahu pays Hamas and works to strengthen it and allows the passage of funds to it, and in return it pays towards weakening the Palestinian Authority."

He pointed out that his party, in the event the formation of the next government, will work to restore security for the residents of the Gaza envelope.


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