Knesset members: recent Palestinian attacks as a result of Netanyahu´s statements on annexation

Members of the Israeli Knesset considered today, Saturday, the attacks carried out by Palestinians in recent days against Israeli soldiers and settlers, as "a clear and direct result of the statements of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about annexing Palestinian areas in the West Bank."

Omer Barlev of the Labor Party said that this wave of attacks is a direct result of Netanyahu's irresponsible announcement that he will annex parts of the West Bank.

He pointed out during the Givatayim cultural event - as reported by the Hebrew channel "Reshet Can", that the announcement of the American plan was a warning to the possibility of such attacks, and that Netanyahu's statements about the annexation were the direct result that prompted the Palestinians for such attacks.

Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue-White party, have been accused of having the same program and implementing one plan, and that there is no difference between them.

He said: "Gantz and his party behave like a chameleon, and change their colors according to the atmosphere," referring to him to change the party's position on the issue of annexation and its acceptance of the American plan, despite its opposition previously.

For his part, Itzik Shmuli, a Labor Party leader and member of the Knesset, said that "reckless statements of annexation by Netanyahu and other Israeli officials raised unnecessary tensions and greatly increased security incidents."

He accused, Netanyahu, that he was separated from the reality of the lives of the Israelis, and that he was only looking for his personal interests, stating that he does not care about what settlers live in the vicinity of Gaza and the West Bank and even the Israelis in Tel Aviv or Haifa.


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