Israel prohibits the export of Palestinian agricultural products to the world

 The Ministry of National Economy said today, Friday, that the Israeli occupation authorities have removed from the checkpoints Palestinian trucks loaded with agricultural products for export to some countries of the world.

The Ministry indicated that it has monitored over the past two days that the occupation authorities return these trucks and inform them of the exporters to prevent the export of agricultural products abroad.

The ministry indicated that the decision of the Israeli army minister, Naftali, indicated that it appeared not only to prevent the entry of Palestinian agricultural products to the Israeli market, but rather included a ban on exports to countries of the world, including dates and olive oil.

It is worth noting that the value of Palestinian agricultural products exports to the Israeli market amounted to 88 million dollars during the year 2018, which represents 68% of the volume of Palestinian agricultural exports to the world amounting to 130 million dollars, while the volume of trade exchange between Palestine and the countries of the world in 2018 amounted to 7.694 billion dollars in goods Monitored.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian government stopped the import of vegetables, fruits, juices, and Israeli mineral and aerated water into the Palestinian markets on the basis of reciprocity, after Israel prohibited the import of Palestinian agricultural products into its market.


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