The President receives the Japanese envoy for the Middle East peace process

President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas received, on Tuesday evening, at the presidential headquarters in the city of Ramallah, the Japanese envoy to the Middle East peace process, Masaharu Kono.

He briefed His Excellency, the Japanese guest, on the latest developments in the Palestinian territories, after the American administration announced the "deal of the century", stressing the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic position rejecting this deal..

The President pointed out that the American deal violates all the decisions of international legitimacy and international law, and the foundations of the political process to end the occupation and embody the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders..

And the price of his sovereignty, Japan's stances in support of the rights of the Palestinian people, and its emphasis on the need to adhere to international references in accordance with the two-state solution as a basis for solving the Palestinian issue, expressing his hope for Japan's support to hold an international conference from which an international mechanism emerges with the participation of many international parties, especially since the United States is no longer a single mediator And fair to the peace process.

In turn, the Japanese envoy expressed his country's continued support for the two-state solution in accordance with decisions in accordance with international legitimacy decisions, and that Japan's position is consistent and has not changed in this regard. 

The Japanese official informed his Excellency that the Japanese government continued to submit several projects to support the Palestinian institutions and the Palestinian people.

The meeting was attended by: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information Nabil Abu Rudeineh, member of the Central Committee of the Fatah Movement, Minister Hussein Al-Sheikh, and diplomatic adviser to his Excellency Majdi Al-Khalidi, and the Japanese ambassador to Palestine Masayuki Maguchi.


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