To support himself electively ... Netanyahu manipulated right-wing parties over annexation and sovereignty

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to manipulating right-wing parties, settler supporters and settlers on the issue of "annexation" and "sovereignty" after the US administration explicitly announced its rejection of any such steps, Before the Israeli elections on the second of next March.

According to the Israeli newspaper "Israel Hume" published on Sunday, Netanyahu spoke in a closed session recently held, that he would work to annex some settlements before the elections, and would postpone the move to annex the Jordan Valley until after the elections due to the American refusal.

Last night, the Reshet Can channel reported the same news, indicating that Netanyahu would seek to annex settlements without the open areas that surround them.

Meanwhile, the Hebrew Channel 12 reported that Netanyahu plans to present the "Deal of the Century" plan to the government for approval, in an attempt to persuade the US administration to implement his plan to implement sovereignty.

The channel noted that Netanyahu promised party leaders to work before the elections to apply Israeli law to some settlements if the annexation plan fails any of them.

Netanyahu appears to be manipulating right-wing parties in an attempt to save himself electorally, especially as he does not want to lose settler votes.


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