Lamborghini excludes the production of an electric sports car

 A senior official in the Italian luxury sports car company Lamborghini said that the company is betting on producing a hybrid car, not an electric car, in the new generation of its cars.

The "Auto Auto" website that Lamborghini unveiled its first hybrid car at the Frankfurt International Motor Show last September in the name of "Xi'an FKB37".

"We are watching with interest the trend towards car electrification. However, we do not feel that electric car technology is appropriate for the Lamborghini car brand. But as a first step, we will introduce hybrid car technology as the next generation of cars in Medium term. "

It is noteworthy that this strategy contradicts the strategy of the competing company, which is the German Porsche, which will present its electric car, Tekan, during this year.

On the shortcomings of electric car technology, Ortenzi said, "In order to produce an excellent sports car, we cannot use an electric platform due to many factors such as weight, heat management system, and the car balance in general. Moreover, how far can the electric car travel when it rushes with all its power?" ".

At the same time, the company has not completely ruled out the production of electric sports cars in the long run when its production is worthwhile.

In its hybrid car, Lamborghini focuses on the use of ultra-lightweight capacitors and technology that allows carbon fibers to be used to store electrical energy effectively.

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