Two youths injured and arrested during clashes in Qalandiya refugee camp

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

A young man was slightly injured on Tuesday while two civilians were arrested during clashes in the Kalandia refugee camp north of the occupied city of Jerusalem, which included house searches and the looting of money.

According to local sources, the occupying forces, with military reinforcements, stormed the camp at dawn and raided a number of houses, resulting in confrontations, in which one young man was injured by shrapnel in the feet, and taken to the Ramallah medical complex for treatment.

In the context, they arrested the citizens of Shadi Yacoub and Karim Abu Latifa after they raided their homes.

The sources said that the troops raided the house of Mohammed Mahmud Amtayr, and during the inspection, they looted a sum of 15,000 NIS.


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