Yemen: 9 people were killed in a coalition raid, which mistakenly affected a position of government forces in Marib

(Xinhua) Nine military personnel were killed today, Tuesday, in an air strike by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, which mistakenly affected a position of government forces in the Ma'rib governorate, east of Sanaa, as it fights battles against the Houthis, according to military and medical sources.

A Yemeni military source told Xinhua, "An air strike by the Arab coalition hit a military site in the Al-Jafra area in the northern side of Ma'rib Governorate, east of Sanaa."

He stressed, "The raid resulted in the death of nine soldiers and the injury of ten."

The source indicated that the area where the raid occurred is a hit and run battle between government forces and the Houthis, with the participation of the coalition aircraft.

An official military source in the Yemeni Ministry of Defense confirmed that an airstrike had taken place on the site of the government forces "by mistake."

In the context, a medical source confirmed the killing of nine soldiers and the injury of ten, some of them seriously, as a result of an air strike in Marib.

Violent battles between the government forces and the Houthis have been going on for about two weeks in large areas of the Nahham district, east of Sanaa, and in Ma'rib and Al-Jawf governorates.

The battles extended to the Al-Jafra area north of Ma'rib after the Houthis' control over the past few days of large areas in Naham, and the strategic "Junction of Al-Jouf Triangle" area.

And the battles between the two sides are still continuing.

A Saudi-led Arab military coalition has supported government forces against the Houthis since March 2015.


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