UNRWA staff Union calls for "major march" in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The UNRWA staff Union in the Gaza Strip on Monday called on all staff to take part in the "Grand March" on Wednesday to reject UNRWA policies against refugees and staff, as well as US resolutions against UNRWA.

In a statement, the Union called on all staff members to participate in the march to express the utmost outrage at the Grand rally, noting that it will be assembled in front of the UNRWA headquarters at 10:30, starting in the direction of al-Ansar roundabout and holding a press conference there.

In the morning, the workers will leave the schools after the third class by bus to the rally, while evening workers will gather in their schools to launch the bus to the march at 9:30 a.m., with the students going to start in the evening at One at noon.

Each school will be equipped with a banners that talks about the rights of refugees and employees, rejects the cuts and unjust U.S. decisions against UNRWA, rejects all forms of dismissal of employees and emphasizes job security for them.

She stressed that participation in the Grand March is a national and trade union duty, asking everyone to participate so that the message is clear to the whole world.

She called on managers to hold meetings with teachers, clarify their latest developments and inform them of the contents of the statement.


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