Gaza: 240,000 graduates without work

 The Ministry of Labor confirmed in Gaza today, Sunday, that about 240 thousand male and female graduates are looking for work in the cities of the Gaza Strip, explaining that it is working hard according to the funding it receives to employ graduates, in light of their number Great.

Maher Abu Raya, Director General of Arab and International Cooperation at the Ministry, said during a press conference within the program of an interview with an official, which is organized by the Ministry of Information on a weekly basis at its headquarters in Gaza City during Sunday: The Ministry is currently studying the application of the "minimum wages" in the sector, and has been done Forming a committee from several sides to study this matter.

Abu Raya said during the conference that the ministry will work to support sustainable employment by recruiting government and international funding in favor of promoting self-employment, entrepreneurship, small enterprises, youth initiatives and good lending.

Abu Raya reviewed the vision of the Ministry of Labor in 2020, which focuses on continuing to enlist government funding and friendly donor institutions in order to provide employment and training opportunities, and aims to integrate job seekers into the labor market by providing them with the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for the labor market.

He emphasized that the ministry is putting the final touches on a national strategy to promote remote work with all partners, which will be announced in the month of March. He added, "We will work to contribute to drawing government policies and interventions that aim to bridge the gap between education outcomes and the needs of the local labor market."

He explained that the Ministry will work to expand the capacity of vocational training centers to reach 3,000 enrollments, which is the number of people wishing to attend vocational training centers annually.

The Director General of International Cooperation at the Ministry confirmed that it had accomplished 77% of the work plan that it had prepared for 2019, confirming that it had implemented projects and programs valued at more than $ 15 million.

M explained. Maher Abu Raya said that the provision of services in the sectors entrusted to them by the Palestinian citizens has been maintained despite the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip in general, stressing that the Israeli blockade has cast a shadow over all service sectors.

Abu Raya stressed that the ministry provided during 2019, through government funding and generous funding from donor institutions, especially the sisterly State of Qatar and the World Bank grant work opportunities to 24,883 beneficiaries with a budget of $ 45,875,480.

With regard to the databases of the Palestinian labor market information system with the Ministry, he explained that the number of graduates and workers for the year 2019 amounted to 240,168 thousand graduates and workers, 128,619 graduates, 111,549 workers. Pointing out that the Ministry is in the process of launching the first labor market information system in the first quarter of this year; it aims to facilitate job seekers access to the labor market through the process of matching supply and demand, achieving the principle of justice and equal opportunities in employment and training opportunities, and providing real and accurate indicators of components The workforce in all sectors, with generous funding from the Islamic Relief Foundation around the world - Palestine Office.

As for the sector of developing the vocational training system, Eng. Abu Raya The Ministry graduated from its centers during the year 2019, numbering 1,764 professionals through regular and short courses, and driving courses, noting that the ministry worked on establishing and developing a new vocational training center in the North Governorate with 4 professional departments, and 70 trainees are currently funded by decent funding From the UNDP, German Cooperation, GIZ.

And he explained that the Ministry has introduced the solar energy department in the Deir El-Balah Center with funding from the KFW Foundation, at a value of 170,000 euros, pointing out that it prepared plans to establish a center for excellence in vocational training, Imam Al-Shafi’i, and is pending approval through friendly donor institutions worth $ 2 million. As for the workers protection and preserving their rights sector, he explained that the Ministry has implemented 8 occupational safety and health campaigns, a campaign to survey establishments operating in the local labor market, and 14,322 visits to enterprises in the labor market.

He m. Abu Raya said that the Ministry of Labor pursued 457 work injuries and calculated financial dues, amounting to 8,764,493 shekels, indicating that it had implemented 1,104 legal procedures that included minutes of seizure, alarm, warning, and partial and total closure of violations operating in the market, and the Ministry of Labor had completed 550 clearances and labor forms For the benefit of workers, it is valued at 4,427,269 NIS. It has completed dealing, handling complaints and labor disputes, and providing legal advice to 2,694 complaints.

On the level of the cooperative work development sector, he pointed out that the Ministry of Labor worked to audit and approve 16 budgets for the benefit of cooperative societies, following up, addressing and auditing 818 cases of existing cooperative societies. It also carried out 8 awareness campaigns on industrial and agricultural schools and vocational colleges on the importance of cooperative work

And m reviewed. Abu Raya, the vision of the Ministry of Labor in 2020 by continuing to enlist government funding and friendly donor institutions in order to provide employment and training opportunities, which aim to integrate job seekers into the labor market by providing them with the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for the labor market.


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