Settlement: An Israeli strategy to ensure that the state of Palestine is not created

In addition to its crimes against our people killed, wounded, arrested and displaced, Israel continues to impose new facts on the ground aimed at changing its demographic nature. Since its establishment, settlement has formed a basic pillar in the Israeli strategy aimed at expelling the indigenous population and replacing it with others, rather than imposing its control on the natural resources of these areas. And forming a geographical separation between the Palestinian people. And prevented residents of the West Bank from visiting the residents of the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the interior, and vice versa. The number of settlers in the West Bank is 830,000, while the number of settlements is 515, most of which are concentrated in the areas of the southern West Bank (Hebron and Bethlehem). And Israeli Prime Minister Bin Yamin Netanyahu threatens to impose Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley area in the eastern West Bank, ahead of the US administration’s leadership headed by Donald Trump - who faces a trial aimed at isolating him - declaring the political part of what is known as the “deal of the century”:

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