An American senator calls on Tesla to change the brand of automobile driving

A prominent US senator said on Friday that the American electric car company Tesla must reduce the confusion surrounding the automatic driving characteristic of its cars by changing the brand of this technology and determining it more correctly.

The move comes amid fears that drivers may rely too heavily on the drive system and not pay attention to the road, although motorized driving is still not fully automatic.

"Driving is a flawed system, but I think its dangers can be overcome," said Senator Ed Markey, a member of the Senate Trade, Science and Transportation Committee.

Tesla called for changing the system's brand "to reduce misuse" and installing driver monitoring tools to ensure "no one sitting behind the wheel" sleeps.

Three Tesla car accidents occurred last month, which raised concerns about the system, even though it is still unclear how big the motorized driving system is.

More than 12 incidents dating back to 2016 are under investigation.

Elon Musk is pushing the company's founder to become his self-driving cars by this year.

On the back of achieving sales that exceeded expectations and indications of more demand in the American and global markets for electric cars, Tesla share jumped skyrocketing in the past six months from a low level in 2019, which reached in last May, about $ 185 to $ 559 during trading Friday.


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