London police intend to deploy face recognition cameras

 Police in London said that officers intend to deploy face recognition technology known as "LFR" to help reduce the serious crime rate in the British capital, which was criticized by Human rights groups.

Police said that after attempts in the capital and other British cities, the technology will be used "for intelligence purposes, and will be deployed to certain locations in London."

This technology will assist in "tackling serious crime, including serious violence, arms and stabbing crimes, sexual exploitation of children, and contributing to the protection of vulnerable groups".

"The implementation of surveillance technology to recognize faces, is a dangerous and evil step that gives the state unprecedented authority to track and control any of us," said Liberty UK, one of the groups involved in legal battles over technology, on Twitter.

Police said the technology, which belongs to the Japanese company "NEC," would give the officers "an additional tool to help them do what they always do in trying to locate and arrest wanted persons."

"It is an important development for the Metropolitan Police, and it is vital to help us overcome the violence," said Assistant Chief of Police Nick Epograph.

"As a modern police force, I think we have a duty to use modern technologies to keep citizens safe in London," Evgrave said, adding that studies indicated that citizens supported the police's use of technology.

He said, "We are using technology that has been tried and tested, and we are taking a deliberate and transparent approach in order to reach this stage."

"Similar technology is already being used widely across the UK, in the private sector," he added.


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