Why are UN officials prohibited from using WhatsApp?

The United Nations announced today, Saturday, that officials of the international organization are not using the "WhatsApp" application in their communications.

The spokesman attributed the reason to this because "the application is not supported as a safe mechanism" after two international experts accused Saudi Arabia of using the platform to penetrate the phone of Jeff Bezos, CEO of "Amazon" and owner of "Washington Post"


The international experts had announced, last Wednesday, that they had information indicating Saudi Arabia's "possible involvement" in the alleged cyberattack in 2018 against billionaire Bezos, according to Reuters.

They demanded that the United States and other authorities conduct an independent investigation on the basis of a report by Washington-based FTI Consulting. The report claims that the Bezos phone was hacked because of a video file containing a malicious program sent to it from a WhatsApp account used by the Saudi Crown Prince.

When UN spokesman Farhan Haq was asked on Thursday whether UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was communicating with the Saudi crown prince or any other world leader through the WhatsApp application, he replied, "Instructions have been issued to senior UN officials not to use the WhatsApp application, as it is not supported as a mechanism." Safe".

"So I say no ... I don't think the Secretary-General is using WhatsApp." He later added that instructions to not use WhatsApp were issued to UN officials in June last year.

Asked about "WhatsApp" about the step taken by the United Nations, it said it provides a safe service to more than 1.5 billion users.


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