22 dead and more than a thousand injured by the Turkish earthquake

The death toll from the powerful earthquake that struck eastern Turkey rose to at least 22 people and more than a thousand injured, while rescue teams continued searching for survivors in the rubble, today, Saturday.

Friday evening, an earthquake centered on the state of Alazig (east), with a magnitude of 6.8, according to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management "Avad", was felt by residents of several neighboring countries.

The violent earthquake resulted in the death of 22 people, while the number of injured reached 1031, in the states of Alazig, Malatya, Diyarbakir, Adiyaman, Batman, Kahraman Marash and Chanli Urfa, according to the latest official statistics.

Meanwhile, rescue personnel continued searching for survivors who were trapped under rubble.

For its part, the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Department is preparing to erect two thousand tents in the Malatya state, for those affected by the earthquake, according to the official Turkish News Agency.

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in the state of Alazig, where he conducted an inspection tour of the earthquake-affected areas in the east of the country.

Erdogan and his entourage participated in the funeral of two victims of the earthquake that struck several states on Friday evening.

It is noteworthy that the residents of several regions in eastern Turkey near the border with Iraq and Syria felt the tremor, according to the Turkish network "NTV", adding that the neighboring cities sent their rescue teams to the earthquake zone. 


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