3 youths killed by israeli gunfire on Gaza border

The Israeli army has killed three Palestinian youths on the Gaza Strip border, local sources said Tuesday.

An Israeli military spokesman said his forces targeted the three youths after they "infiltrated" from the Gaza Strip into the border off the site of "Kisovim" northeast of Khanyounis.

According to the army spokesman, the three youths "infiltrated" from the border into a rugged area, positioned behind a "tree" and then attacked an army force after throwing a grenade at it.

They were surrounded, directly targeted and directly injured, he said.

Military sources later told a number of Hebrew media that the three youths were killed by direct gunfire from soldiers and a tank that took part in the operation.

The three youths "infiltrated 400 meters into the border, but remained in an area far from the settlers' homes," she said. "They were monitored from the beginning, located and targeted, which led to their death," she said.

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