Hebrew Channel: A law to annex the Jordan Valley will be approved next Tuesday

 Likud party officials said Tuesday evening that a bill will be submitted to the Israeli Knesset plenary session, to vote on annexing the Jordan Valley to Israeli sovereignty.

According to Hebrew Channel 12, this move aims to put pressure on Benny Gantz's Blue-White party, after the latter expressed support today for this step.

According to the channel, the Israeli government will vote next Sunday on the bill, and then pass it to the Knesset to the plenary session, which will be held mainly to vote to form a committee to discuss the judicial immunity of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gantz pledged today during his visit to the settlements of that region to work to impose sovereignty after the elections over the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu replied to his invitation to act now through the current Knesset annexation, without waiting for the upcoming elections. Gantz replied that immunity must be examined first.

Since the statements by Gantz and Netanyahu, settler leaders have called for an immediate start with the formal announcement of the annexation of the Jordan Valley without waiting, and the exploitation of the good political period in the presence of the administration of US President Donald Trump.


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