Disastrous conditions for prisoners of children in the "Damon" detention center

 In a report issued today, Tuesday, the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Committee revealed details of the catastrophic conditions in which the prisoners of children who were recently transferred from the "Ofer" detention center to "Damoon", numbering 33.

In its report, the commission clarified that after the children arrived in the "Damoon", they were thrown into Section (1), a deserted section for many years filled with insects and cockroaches, and not suitable for human life. It does not enter the sunlight or air, consisting of five small rooms, 3 of which are There are no windows, and two have two small windows, the ceiling of the rooms is very low, the walls are worn out and wet, and the bathrooms outside the rooms are poorly located, and there is a quasi-square called (spree) but it is a passage between the door of the main section and between the rooms and its area is very small, except About the smell of the bad section too.

She added that the children arrived without their "canteena", with no cooking tiles or water heaters, only they were allowed to take their clothes and their own blankets.

The authority noted that during the past week, the minors declared a state of disobedience in the face of the prison in response to the dire conditions they live in the section, and in protest against their transfer without their representatives from the adult prisoners, as they carried out several measures such as knocking on the doors, breaking the cupboards and the doors of the bathrooms and some "parishes", and screaming The jailers were insulted.

On the other hand, the administration of the prison entered special units to suppress and abuse the transferred children, and deliberately cut off the water and electrical current for them, and arbitrarily assaulted them, tied them for long hours, sprayed gas on them, confiscated their needs, in addition to punishing some of them by transferring them to the "Jalameh" cells. .

The Occupation Prisons Administration had previously transferred the two prisoners, Musa Hamid and Muhammad Dallash, from “Ofer” prison and Salah Riahi from “Megiddo” prison to “Damoon”, and allowed them to enter for several hours to Department (1) to calm the minors and ease the tension, but they She then announced her intention to return the three captives to their prisons, despite the poor conditions for the youngsters who remain in the department. They are still without representatives, in addition to the penalties imposed on them, such as denying them access to their relatives, imposing financial fines against them, and preventing them from going out in the process.


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