Gaza faces new gas crisis

A statement issued by the Director of Information in Gaza Finance confirmed that there is a shortage of cooking gas supplies to the Gaza Strip from the Egyptian side, and from the Israeli side, pointing out that the Gaza Strip consumes 200-250 tons per day.

Bakr said that the quantities of gas that entered the Gaza Strip in the past days are not enough to meet the needs of citizens, due to the reduction of supplies from the Egyptian and Israeli side, due to the bad weather," he added, adding that "we strive to provide sufficient quantities of gas for the needs of the citizens."

Bakr stressed that prices have not changed and there is no justification for raising prices and will be prosecuted for anyone who raises prices legally, expecting the entry of a quantity of Egyptian gas on Tuesday.

Noor al-Khaznadar, a member of the Council of the Association of Owners of Gas and Petroleum Plants in Gaza, revealed that the Gaza Strip has entered a new gas crisis, as a result of the absence of any quantities of Israeli or Egyptian gas today.

Al-Khaznadar confirmed in press statements that the occupation did not allow the introduction of any quantities of gas today on the grounds of unstable weather and sea level rise, which makes the quantities of gas insufficient.

He said that the occupation also claims that the port of Ashdod is unable to receive any quantities of gas and transfer it to the Gaza Strip, as a result of the air depressions it is going through in the current period, noting that no other quantities also enter from the Egyptian side.

"We have now been engaged in a serious gas crisis for 10 days, which has not happened in three years," he said, noting that there is no gas for citizens, bakeries, factories, farms and even hospitals, in addition to the lack of strategic stocks.

He explained that Egyptian gas has not entered the Gaza Strip for more than ten days, pointing out that the General Authority for Petroleum in the Ministry of Finance is communicating with the Egyptian side, in order to allow the entry of gas to the Gaza Strip.

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