The European Union rejects the occupation measures in Jerusalem

 European Union spokesman in Palestine Shadi Othman confirmed the union's rejection of the occupation measures in the Palestinian territories, especially in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and called on him to abide by international law and stop its violations.

Othman said in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine Radio, today, Monday, that the Union is following with what is happening in Jerusalem and its suburbs with great concern, indicating that it supports the Palestinian presence in East Jerusalem, by empowering citizens and providing them with legal support, especially homeowners and lands threatened with demolition or confiscation.

He added that the visit of heads of missions of European Union countries in Jerusalem and Ramallah to the town of Al-Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem recently revealed the extent of the occupation's human rights violations in the town, especially children, and deprived them of their right to life and education.


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