"Facebook" blocks a page on Ghassan Kanafani and his literary productions

The administration of "Facebook" company has blocked a page from the late Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani, established about ten years ago and followed by about 300 thousand people.

A group of young men who created and followed a cultural page for them on the social networking site "Facebook", entitled "Ghassan Kanafani Al-Qaddah", was shocked by Facebook's ability to block this page without giving reasons for that.

The page was opened at the initiative of a number of young men in the West Bank and Lebanon in 2010, and it includes various productions of the writer, martyr Ghassan Kanafani, who was assassinated by the Israeli Mossad in 1972 in Beirut by detonating his car.

Muhammad Damesah, a student at the University of Bethlehem and one of the authors of this page, said that the page also included articles on the martyr Kanafani for senior writers and Palestinian and Arab writers, and it attracted about 300,000 followers, "What constituted a great incentive for us to update and follow up, and we felt that we are contributing to strengthening the side Cultural awareness of the young generation in particular, "noting that the page is independent and does not belong to any faction or party.

He pointed out that the administration of "Facebook" blocked this page almost three weeks ago without specifying the reasons for that, which was a great loss for us and squandered a great effort that we continued over the course of about ten years, and therefore we can no longer retrieve these materials.

Dabasa considered blocking the site "a flagrant violation of freedom of opinion and expression, and an indication of targeting the Palestinian content whatever."

He emphasized that the young men on the page included two students, one at Birzeit University and the other at An-Najah University, a young man from Lebanon and two from Nablus, who were brought together by the literature of Ghassan Kanafani and this page without knowing each other.


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